American Week Window


The United States: country of independence and freedom! Let’s go outside and enjoy the good things America has to offer!

American is a Classic Mission which can be found at the Darryl Corner. It consists of six level which are :

American Week Done

The Mission after completing it

# Description  Order Reward
1 Let’s enjoy the beauty of mother nature… by eating something healthy! Oatmeal cookies are healthy, right?
Oat p
Harvest 15 Oat for the cookies
54 XP480 Coins 35
2 The oats is ready. Let’s start baking some healthy oatmeal cookies!
Oat cookies
Bake 30 Oatmeal Cookies

105 XP

900 Coins 35

3 Oh no! A naughty raccoon ran off with the cookie basket and is hiding behind one of those trees! Can you chase it away and get the cookie basket back? We’ll need it!
Cookie Basket
Chase the raccoon away

90 XP

820 Coins 35

4 A rose is a rose is a rose. It stands for romance, glory and opulence. Let’s harvest some purple roses!
 Harvest 40 Purple Roses

76 XP

700 Coins 35

5 Now that the basket is back, let’s fill it with white chocolate cookies! This will taste like heaven…
White Chocolates
Harvest 5 White Chocolate
White Chocolates Biscs
Bake 8 White Chocolate Cookies

88 XP

850 Coins 35

200 OP

6 Donuts and cookies belong together like beach and sunshine! So the one thing we still miss, is donuts! Now let’s collect some!
Apple Crumb Donuts
Collect 8 Apple Crumb Donuts (you can find them randomly while harvesting Oat and Purple Rose)
Chocolate Frosted Donuts
Collect 8 Chocolate Frosted Donuts(you can find them randomly while baking Oatmeal Cookies and White Chocolate Cookies)

82 XP

750 Coins 35

Final Price