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This is a collaboration of information for the Facebook game Family Farm. I hope it will give new and veteran users alike useful information to plan their growth.

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This is a list of information for the Facebook game Family Farm. I've collected and hopefully those willing will be able to contribute of all the prices of crops, animals, products, etc. If you haven't played and would like to you can play here Please note that this wikia is a work in progress as I'm still new to the game and there are alot of products I don't have information available to me because of my current level.

FastBuffalo Cow pink BactrianCamel Hive BrownGoat Buffalo2
African BuffaloAyrshire CowBactrian CamelBeehiveBrown GoatBuffalo
CharolaisCattle Chicken coop XmasHive XmasCow XmasGoat HalloweenHive
Charolais CattleChicken CoopChristmas BeehiveChristmas CowChristmas GoatHalloween Beehive
HalloweenCattle HalloweenCow HalloweenGoat Cow black ItalianGoat LimousinCattle (1)
Halloween CattleHalloween CowHalloween GoatHolstein CowItalian GoatLimousin Cattle
LoveCow LoveSuperBeehive Cow brown MotherDaySuperHive Black hive SuperHive
Love CowLove Super BeehiveMontbliarde CowMother Day Super BeehiveStarline BeehiveSuper Beehive
SuperGoat LoveBeehive LoveGoat White Beauty WhiteGoat WhiteHorse
Super GoatValentine BeehiveValentine GoatWhite BeautyWhite GoatWhite Horse

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