Viva l'Italia


Now we are celebrating Viva l'Italia! Everyone is busy decorating and making food. Let's join in! You'll get the Italian Goat if you succeed!

Viva L'Italia (Italian Week) is a mission which can be found at Darryl corner , it consists of six missions :Edit

# Description  Order Reward
1 Summer, holiday time! We are taking a vacation in Italy.
Basil p
First, havest 12 Basil to begin with.
42 XP 400 Coins 35
2 Well done!
Now, prepare 25 Cherry Tomatoes.
54 XP 510 Coins 35
3 We need a Pasta Machine!
Place the Pasta Machine and complete it.
62 XP 690 Coins 35
4 Super!
PastawithPestoSauce p
Let’s cook 45 Pasta with Pesto Sauce! You need flour, Egg and Basil.
76 XP 82 Coins 35
5 Hmmm,Yammy!
PastewithTomatoSauce p
Let’s prepare 50 Pasta with Tomato Sauce. You need Flour, Egg and Cherry Tomato.Flip the switch of the Pasta Machine to change the product.
95 XP 1000 Coins 35
6 Italian Opera is fascinating! But we don’t have any tickets yet.

Can you ask your neighbors for some tickets?

750 XP 85 Coins 35
Final Price